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Always on time and corals come just as pictured

July 3, 2024

5 stars


Best Corals and CUSTOMER SERVICE on the Web

July 1, 2024

I have placed multiple orders wit I have also changed delivery dates a few times and never I repeat never had a problem, The corals are nicer than the pictures and all have been healthy.. Thank you

Frederic Kirsch

Very Impressed Again!

June 25, 2024

One of the best online coral stores I’ve dealt with. Very well packed. Corals true to pics.

Dan Wise

Best online store for corals

May 4, 2024

I absolutely love my hammer corals and Duncan’s I purchased from they never disappoint and have the absolute best customer service

Brian Smith

An Ultra Rainbow that is actually ultra and rainbow

April 7, 2024

I recently ordered a couple of leathers but 3 Trachyphyllia to add to my garden.

1 – Neon green – arrived and it looked small, but it looked puffy. Once it got in the display it puffed up to 3 times its size. It is happy and so am I!

2 – Red – arrived and looked the opposite of the neon green. Similar size, but a lot less puffy. It is in the display and hasn’t changed. It is likely shipping stress and should improve with time. Colors and detail are very nice though.

3 – Ultra Rainbow – 3 times the cost of the others. 3 times the size. 10 times as beautiful. It is stunning.

I have bought ultras from other vendors and been enormously disappointed. If anything this was better than the pictures on the website.

Highly recommend to anyone looking at getting coral online. They will be top of my list, next time I’m looking for something special to add to my collection

Gomi's Reef

The GOAT!!

April 6, 2024 exceeded all expectations! Not only do they have the craziest selection to choose from but every piece is exactly what their pictures depict. I couldn’t be happier. I really don’t think I will ever shop any where else ever! Thanks so much for your out of this world product and professionalism. Hope you have overwhelming sales because I want you to be there any time I’m in the hunt for beautiful coral. . You’re the best.

Adam K.

Excellent Customer Service and Corals!

March 27, 2024

I couldn’t be happier with my purchase from! This was my first purchase and i inadvertently entered the wrong zip code on my order. Jon notified me once he received a message from Fed Ex that there was an issue. Jon and Ian helped get my shipment corrected and I was able to retrieve the coral from my local Fed Ex depot. The coral was very well packed and were exactly what I ordered. I will absolutely purchase from again! Happy Reefing!

Tres Whitley


March 11, 2024

I just bought my second coral from here s d I can say I’m 100 percent happy with the shipment and how healthy and how fast they open up just minutes after o placing them in the tank I will always order from you guys!



March 11, 2024

Jonathon is what every business should strive for when it comes to customer service. He cares for the corals he ships and the people he ships to also. I ordered a few weeks back and then the temperature dropped, he suggested waiting a week and I agreed. He called the day of shipping and he wasn’t happy with the way the one Zoa frag looked and offered to either refund or substitute another frag. I said pick out something comparable and it was a really nice piece of zoa with probably 10 heads on the plug. The six hammers I ordered are some of the nicest I’ve seen. Packaging was great the water temp in the bags was 79° when it arrived. After putting them in the tank, they were all open and extended within an hour. Definitely my new go to supplier for corals.

Gil Tufts

Making my tank beautiful

March 11, 2024

so far ive bought 9 corals and everyone was a stellar specimen. very happy with the service and quality they bring to the hobby. absolutely recommend these guys.

kevin carlson

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