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Florida Ricordea For Sale

Also Known As: Florida Ricordea, Florida Ricordia, Ricordea, Rics, & Florida Rics.
Scientific Name: Ricordea florida

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Low to Medium
Flow: Low to Medium
Temp: 76° to 78°
Aquarium Parameters: Specific Gravity 1.025-1.026, Calcium 400-450 PPM, Alkalinity 8-12 dKH, Magnesium 1250-1350 PPM
Temperament: Peaceful. Should still be kept away from other corals.
Regions: Florida or aqua cultured

Why Buy this item:Florida Ricordea are a must have for any reef aquarium. They have amazing color, grow very well, and are super easy to keep. They are fun to keep and watch grow! They have a huge range of colors and can be kept happy in many different areas of the tank.

Feeding/Diet: They do not require feeding, but they will benefit from it. If you are looking to maximize color or growth, you may elect to target feed these about every 1 to 2 week.

Regional Differences: None

Natural environment Info:They are found in usually clear cleaner water attached to sponges or rocks.

Natural Reproduction Info:Ricordia are mostly commonly observed in an aquarium as growing asexually (By Splitting). They will form several mouths and slowing pull themselves apart to form separate polyps as they grow.

Growth Rate: Moderate.

Growth Info:See above.

Placement:These corals should be placed onto rocks. If the flow is not too strong you might be able to just set them directly into a shallow hole or on the rock itself. Be careful they do not float away. If they are mounted to a frag plug (As ours always are) you can place it or secure it to a rock for them to eventually grow out onto. Be careful they do not flip over into the sand. There are many types of aquarium glue/putty that will be helpful to have on hand for all new coral arrivals.

Propagation & Fragging:This coral is best left alone to grow and split. However, once multiple mouths form, success can be had with cutting them. The key is to give them a good and safe environment to heal in until they attach back onto substrate. If not attached to anything they will tend to roll around and go with the flow possibly to an unsuitable location.

Shipping Info:Healthy specimens are wonderful shippers and should never be a problem.

What to look for when buying: Be sure the specimen you are buying is well settled in and proven to be adjusting well to captivity. It should be rich in color and not pastel or bleachy looking. They should be attached to a frag plug not free floating.

Common/Known issues:

It is important to not buy any rics that are freshly or recently shipped. They need time to acclimate and rest after being collected. These corals are not allowed to be collected on any rock so they are carefully removed in the ocean. A good vendor should always take the time to remount them to a frag plug or other substrate. Buying them loose often yields less than favorable success.

All of the above are things we look for and watch closely before offering any of these specimens for sale.

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