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Anemones make an interesting and great addition to an aquarium. We work hard to help make your purchase a successful one by only offering healthy and happy anemones.

There are two main objectives to achieve success with anemones:

The first objective is getting a healthy anemone from the beginning.

Many anemones can suffer from tears during collection and from poor handling. It is important to get anemones from trusted sources who know how to properly handle them. We are extra careful to follow closely our proven procedures and best care methods.

Anemones can bleach easily from stress, temperature change, improper temp (low or high), long transit, and a number of other factors. It is important to get an anemone with deep and true colors that is not pastel or uninform. We closely monitor all of our livestock, including all anemones to be sure we do not sell any livestock that is not fully colored up and healthy.

Anemones can poison, damage, and kill each other due to chemical warfare. We ensure our anemones are never placed with any other anemones within our facility and remain fully sequestered from others for the duration of their care with us. We also ensure any supplier we purchase anemones from also follows this same procedure.

The second objective is keeping the anemones safe and happy within your tank after arrival.

The biggest risk to your new anemone could be its own natural behavior! Some types of anemones tend to wander around until they find a place they deem to be acceptable. The best way to combat this is to ensure you do not have any exposed powerheads or other high-risk zones (like harsh stinging coral colonies or other anemones) within your aquarium. The best way to protect against powerheads is to install a specifically designed powerhead guard. Also, be sure to keep an eye on your overflow or water intake zone as anemones can let go of rock work and “go with the flow.”

Placement of anemones is a personal preference and it is highly likely the anemone will move away from its initial placement. However, we like to place our anemones in a safe lower flow zone to let them adjust and give them the best chance to secure themselves onto the rock work. Almost all anemones prefer a hole in the rock or deep crevice to secure their foot or base into.

We like to feed our anemones a mix of smaller particle frozen foods once every 7 to 10 days. We recommend avoiding larger foods that can be harsh for the anemone to digest and may end up doing more harm than good.

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