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The Company has been designed in every way to best serve you, the hobbyist. Our mission is to provide you the healthiest possible corals, delivered to your door, at a fair price. We promise you the best and most personal customer service possible!

Coral Conditioning

We hold all of the items in our care 30 to 90 days before offering them for sale, exclusively, on our website. We monitor them very closely to make sure they are in good health, we work to get them as colorful as possible, and we feed them often. We study what lighting, flow, and placement is best for them. Then, when we list them on our site share this info with you! Doing this costs us significantly more, but it gives our buyers the best possible item and the highest chance at success.

WYSIWYG & aquacultured offerings

The majority of corals we offer are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). This allows us to show you, the buyer, exactly what you are purchasing. It is important to us that our pictures accurately represent coloration and sizing. In order to achieve this, we photo under whiter/true lighting to best capture the true coloration of each piece. We do offer some corals that are not WYSIWYG, which are mainly aquacultured corals. The coral you purchase & receive from the example photo is from the same mother colony and will be as close to identical in both color and size.

Expert Packing

We strive to have the best packing in the industry. Many people think this is as simple as using high quality packing materials, which is very important in itself. However, we take it many steps further by testing our packing materials, water levels, ice packs, heat packs, and other variables to extreme heat and sub zero cold conditions. We also log our past shipment success and failures to study, research, improve, and use for future decision making.

Personal Selection

We support only the most ethical and professional wholesalers and industry suppliers when we buy our items. All items are expertly hand picked in person or from exact pictures by our owner, Jon Schellhorn. This allows us to offer our buyers only the very best items.

The Owner

For the last 10+ years, I have devoted my professional career to this industry. I have personally seen, cared for, photographed, studied, and successfully shipped more coral than almost anyone in the world. We’re proud to be a small family owned business, despite our big name! Family is of the utmost importance to us and we truly carry that mentality and treatment over to all of our customers. Treat others as you would wanted to be treated rings through and through in our company culture. I’m here to personally take care of all of your needs from start to finish and beyond. While online ordering can seem somewhat impersonal, I can assure you that you will experience the best personal customer service anywhere! I hope to earn your business and exceed your expectations!
Jonathan Schellhorn